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1990 Porsche 911
D.K. Engineering Ltd

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United Kingdom


Transmission Manual


Drive Side LHD

A far cry from the 911 Classic by Singer, the DLS or ‘Dynamic Lightweighting Study’ take a more holistic approach to improving every element of the iconic 911. Where as the Classic sought to deliver the ultimate overall experience of a 911, embodied in an understated – but still carbon fibre bodyshell, the DLS project set out to understand, embrace and accentuate each of the intricacies that are unique to the Porsche 911. Far from intending to deliver a modern driving experience, the DLS is still very true to its origins. A hands-on, analogue interface, with a manual gearbox and race-oriented 4.0 naturally-aspirated flat co-developed with Williams. Consulting the likes of legendary Porsche engineers Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer during the development phase, Singer and Williams have worked in unison to heavily fettle the air-cooled powerplant. In production trim, it now offers around 500hp with a rev limiter coming in at 9,300rpm. With the engine starting life as the standard 964 3.6 litre, works were carried out to revise almost every moving part. Titanium con-rods, aluminium throttle bodies, carbon intake trumpets, a bespoke carbon airbox, fuel injectors with twin injectors and a ram-air induction system fed by inlets in the iconic rear ¾ windows that keeps the profile so pure and true to the classic 911 style. If somehow you’ve dismissed this car so far, the startup of the Inconel and titanium exhaust will serve an overdue wake up call. This example was supplied to its first keeper in July 2022 in Holland. With Singer pre-running in their cars, the owner was able to enjoy the car from the off and set out on his first adventure touring Italy. Shortly after, the car made its way to the UK, completing a tour of the North Coast 500. This very DLS stands apart from others as one of just a handful of examples to receive colour-tinted carbon fibre. In fact, this example has a build sheet of optional extras totalling $370,000. The exterior is finished in Singer Bespoke Black Olive , with the interior choosing an extra-range Nubuck colour from Spinneybeck's swatches. $17,900 - Singer bespoke paint to sample Black Olive $8,495 - Ghosted light with contrast lettering $35,690 - Lower trim and decklid insert $17,425 - Nickel bead blasted bright trim $1,365 - Wheels with gold tint $5,120 - Wheels centre RS gold tint $6,460 - Rocker trim bright finish $4,560 - Corner light trim bright finish $2,240 - Decklid badge in gold $10,400 - Front trunk - visual carbon - tinted $3,415 - Engine bay exterior colour panels The green-tinted carbon fibre is not limited to the exterior, with the interior seeing a $80,000 of extended carbon fibre options, couple with just under $73,000 of extended leather and bespoke finishings. Included in these options: $17,400 - Interior colour leather to sample 'CA 1252' $13,870 - Upper trim package leather to sample 'MM 1711' $14,565 - Mid trim package interior colour $20,845 - Lower trim package interior colour $2,970 - Interior accent package interior colour (leather) $1,200 - Steering wheel leather to sample - 'MM 1711' $2,225 - Floor mats - leather interior colour $9,465 - Dashboard accent package - visual carbon - tinted $14,285 - Mid accent package - visual carbon - tinted $4,245 - Centre tunnel accent package - visual carbon - tinted $20,150 - Seat accent package - visual carbon - tinted $6,700 - Seat centres contrast weave $6,395 - Seat grommets - bright trim to match $12,515 - X- brace carbon fibre - visual carbon - tinted $3,680 - Gear knob - visual carbon - tinted $3,450 - Steering wheel centre - visual carbon - tinted Having covered just 5,900 kilometres from new, this Dynamics & Lightweighting Study is ready to use and enjoy. Presented today after a visit to Singer, for a full service and several cosmetic improvements including new undertrays and refinishing of the wheels to ensure this example presents on the button. The car has has also been to Topaz Detailing for a renewal of its PPF.