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1954 Ferrari 250 Europa GT
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In the late ’40s, Luigi Chinetti, an Italian racing driver, approached Ferrari about building sports cars for the public. Ferrari was hesitant because his company’s main purpose was to win races. Later on, Ferrari began to prepare to manufacture and sell cars, in order to finance its racing operations. Chinetti, who had been selling European racing cars since the ’20s, observed that the United States’ economy could sustain Ferrari’s racing aspirations far better than Europe. By the early 1950s, Chinetti opened the first Ferrari dealership in the US. Enzo Ferrari knew the V12 format would be well suited for single seater and sports car racing, and perfect for grand tourers: it offered great versatility. In 1954, Ferrari introduced a V12 engine which became one of its signatures the Colombo 3 litre V12. Some of Ferrari’s greatest cars have used the Colombo V12, including the 250 Europa GT. It is surely the most famous and the longest-lived V12 in history. The Ferrari 250 Europa GT is unanimously considered the first Ferrari to be built in series (albeit it a very small series). Almost identical to the 250 Europa, it has similar lines but a shorter chassis. The 250 Europa GT had a 2963 cc V12 engine, producing 220 hp. The car had a tubular chassis with the internal code Tipo 508, Measuring 2.6 metres, the wheelbase was 200 millimetres shorter than that on the previous 250 Europa, enabling Ferrari to save a total of around 100 kilograms in weight. Although Vignale had been responsible for the body of the first Europa GT, most of the production was handled by Pininfarina. Some interesting facts of this car: The 5th of only 32 PininFarina designed GT Europa’s Some sources quote the car to be known as the Factory demonstrator Special treats as Mr. Ferrari wanted to impress his clients: a 300 km/h speedometer! A special competition gearbox tipo 342 Abarth exhaust from new, giving a fabulous V12 sound Ferrari Classiche Certified with all matching numbers Superb restoration by the best specialists for a lifetime Ferrari aficionado Complete engine, gearbox, carburetors, supension, brakes etc rebuilt History known from new and nice documented restoration Prize winner at the Concours d’Elegance Paleis het Loo in 2001 Not shown on the Concours lawn since Invited to and participated at the 70 year Ferrari Anniversary Cavalcade Classiche Rally FIVA passport Participated and finished at the famous Mille Miglia in 2017 and 2019 Comes with a report from Marcel Massini Next best Ferrari to a Tour de France If you are looking to purchase a very special Ferrari and one of the most elegant 12 cilinder Ferrari’s with the famous 3.0 litre V12 Colombo on a short chassis and at a relatively affordable price level, come and see us! Superb condition, showing the quality of the previous restoration.
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