20 Years of Alfa Romeo Brera Concept: The Balance of Shape

The result of an intimate and personal research, Giorgetto Giugiaro created an unconventional design that defied the rules of the time. And in fact, when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2002, the result was breath-taking. Twenty years on, SpeedHolics tells the story through an exclusive interview with its creator.

Still Life Photography by Paolo Carlini (IG: @paolo.carlini.photographer)

Black & White Photography by Alessandro Barteletti (IG: @alessandrobarteletti)

Video by Andrea Ruggeri (IG: @andrearuggeri.it)

With the collaboration of GFG Style, Italdesign, 939Privilege.club

Giorgetto Giugiaro’s hand caresses the side, lightly touching the lines and following the shapes, moving confidently around the form of one of the most extraordinary automotive sculptures made in modern times. He suggests a very precise perspective, around three quarters along the back left-hand side. “Come here. Can you see that? It’s the only line that starts at the front and finishes at the back. It turns here and fades out in the centre of the rear window.” Then, looking at the front bumper: “This edge should have been sharper. It doesn’t stand out much like this.” And then at the front: “There’s no cut here, otherwise we would have had to put a joint there, and another one there…”.