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the network for heritage sport carS enthusiasts,

made by sport cars lovers for sport cars lovers

SpeedHolics is a classic motorsport social network, made by sport cars lovers & dedicated to sport cars lovers. We’ve spent our lives in love with performance classic cars and we know you have too. 

So we decided to build us a home on the internet. Here, we can run free and share our passion by posting photos, blog posts, videos, and stories of car makers, drivers, heroes & icons. 


We curate and post our own original content, as well as sharing and praising the fantastic work of others.  


We welcome our fellow classic motorsports enthusiasts to submit their own images, collections, writing and passion projects.

Together, we can grow our passion. 


If you’d like to get in touch, drop us an email at


The latest posts on our favorite classic heritage cars. Join in the comments, submit your own posts, or just look, read & admire the beauty. 


SpeedHolics follows the major competitions and events dedicated to classic cars. Pictures, breaking news, results and reviews.



.Featuring the best of speed and classic car images from the best car photographers worldwide. Submit your own here for a chance to be featured. 


Since there’s more to life than just speed. There’s also fashion, travel, work & leisure


If you’d like to contribute to Speedholics with your original content, please join us for an access to the page for contributors or just contact us using this form.

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