Meetings: Arturo Merzario and "his" Giulietta SZ [VIDEO]

This was the car that helped him to prove that he had what it took to be a driver, but it was also a faithful companion in his adventures. With her, he obtained his first important wins and reached the altar, where he found his wife, Anna. More than half a century later, Speedholics helped the “Cowboy” to catch up with his old Alfa Romeo again.

Photo by Alessandro Barteletti (IG: @alessandrobarteletti)

Video by Andrea Ruggeri (IG:

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Tuesday, 20 July 2021. A sunny, and not particularly humid day, as you would usually expect on the Po Plains around Milan this time of year. This was the climate that partially helped to save Milan during the WWII bombings, when the humidity and high atmospheric pressure dampened the fires triggered by the bombs.

The meeting took place in the morning, in an ex-foundry, nestling in the green Lombardy countryside.

A man, and her. His gaze falls on her shapely curves, a delicate, translucent white. She seems flattered. She recognises him. They haven't seen each other for a long time, about 54 years, she thinks. The man walks towards her, as she waits, immobile. A hand caresses her fondly, a mixture of melancholy and happiness. She notes that he is still wearing that same old hat...

1971, the second day of spring. A young Alfa fan is out and about in the north-east part of Mila