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1977 Porsche 930 Turbo

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Exterior Minerva blue metallic


Interior leather cork


First registration 06.1977


Power in PS/ KW 245/ 180

Equipment features M220 limited slip differential 40%, M261 adjustable outside mirror passenger side, M409 sport seats left and right, M650 electric sunroof, air conditioning, rear wiper Details They were probably only half as wild as all that, the "wild" 70s. Where today engineers' heads would roll and PR armies would march in to pull the coals out of the headline fire, nothing happened back then. A major car magazine tested the new Porsche Turbo in 1975 and accused it of being "critical at the limits." But the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer did not punish the magazine by withdrawing its affection, nor did customers cancel their purchase contracts. On the contrary, a myth was born from which the Turbo would thrive over the next few decades - just like its drivers, who would henceforth be celebrated as great guys by their friends because they were capable of taming such a beast. What a lot of things have been attributed to him, the Turbo! It was called a widowmaker, half fearfully, half reverently. Germany's fastest sports car was regarded as a sneaky tailgater, and soon every schoolboy who gazed at the magical 300 on the speedometer dial with his nose pressed flat against the side window knew that the taming of the Shrew was only possible for experts with wide-awake senses and nerves of steel. Shortly before its 50th birthday, it is time to question these clichés. Should the first Porsche Turbo really be treated with caution? Respect is definitely in order, even if many things are no longer eaten as hot as they were in 1975. Numbers, for example. Nowadays, any average station wagon will put 343 Newton meters on the crankshaft, and if boys were still playing quartet instead of paddling around on their smartphones, 250 km/h would no longer be the top speed. And yet, the spec sheet reveals only half the truth at best. The Turbo, with 260 hp one of the most powerful German production cars at the time, was not yet on an electronic tether. And just as its first drivers were unprepared for the explosion of power at 4,000 rpm, ESP-used lead feet can be shocked when, after a phase of well-behaved understeer, the rear end suddenly starts to overtake. Drivers used to naturally aspirated engines, who were used to power increasing in proportion to the revs, had to rethink this Porsche. Down low, everything was the same as always: the hoarse boxer rattle, the tap dance on the standing pedals, the poking with the long shift mast in the transmission. The Turbo was even a bit sleepier on the throttle than the Carrera, with 210 hp this side of the small-series RS 3.0 the most powerful horse in the Porsche stable at the time. Beyond 4000 rpm under full throttle, however, the turbo became a raging fireball, squeezed through the confines of a gun barrel to explode at the muzzle with a loud bang, the turbo driver experiences the brief second of boost pressure buildup. Then the 911 shoots forward so that the tears of emotion still flow horizontally to the ear even after almost 50 years. Shift gears - bang! - and the inferno erupts anew, again and again, until the speedometer needle stops just above 250 - or the driver loses his courage, because the Turbo is not born with the talent to drive straight ahead. Like a hound on the trail of a wound, it sniffs across the asphalt in an excited zigzag, sometimes lurching to the right and sometimes to the left, always needing a few centimeters to run out next to its wide rear cheeks. About our offer Our presented 930 Turbo 3.0 catches the eye first of all by its color combination, which fits the 70s like a fist on the eye. Minerva blue metallic in combination with the date-colored full leather of the interior is simply THE declaration of love to this so important, colorful time of the 70s. This driving legend came 2008 from Queen Creek/Arizona to Germany and had only two previous owners in the USA, who cared for the turbo for over 30 years. From this we have a very extensive history that goes back to 2008. Once in Germany, it was owned for the first 6 years by a gentleman from the Remstal and was lucky to have Master Reile from Classic Power in the neighborhood. Wolfgang Reile took the best care of the turbo and completely overhauled the engine in 2011 with a mileage of just under 170000km. Finally, in 2014, the fourth and so far last owner took over the turbo and took care of it at least as conscientiously as the previous owners. For a better understanding we quote the latest available, extensive appraisal of the commissioned automotive expert, whose neutral assessment describes the turbo in the best possible way: The vehicle has the original body, rear right side panel with cosmetic repair paint. The vehicle is complete All add-on parts are in a very good condition The fitting accuracy of the body is given, no visible accident pre-damage. The vehicle is in the original color The Porsche birth certificate is present and confirms "matching numbers The factory accessories like tool bag and jack are present Complete engine overhaul from 11/2011 (invoice Fa. Reile is available) Remarks In summary, this is a very well-maintained original vehicle in 1-2 condition, the condition of which is not reproducible. The vehicle has no maintenance backlog when we hand it over. The inspection is freshly done, the main inspection and emissions test as well. The extensive and complete invoices over the decades, but especially the last 9 years and the last owner were carried out at renowned Porsche workshops and ensure that despite the upcoming 50th birthday of this driving legend no nasty surprises are to be expected. We ask concrete prospective customers for an appointment arrangement for the extensive inspection of vehicle and history. Both together considered makes this Ur-Turbo round, conclusive and the pride of each garage. Its best feature, however, unfolds with every drive. It desperately wants to be on the road and driven, which makes it extremely likeable.