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1973 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona
RM Sotheby's

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United Kingdom


Engine number B 2510


Documents German Fahrzeugbrief


One of Ferrari’s greatest open-top V-12 grand tourers


Delivered new in the stunning colour combination of Nocciola Metallizzato over Pelle Beige


Retains its matching-numbers 4.4-litre V-12 engine


Returned to its original colours by Carrozzeria Zanasi in 2014


Awarded “Red Book” certification by Ferrari Classiche in 2016

The origin of the Ferrari marque began with open-top sports cars, powered by the company’s legendary V-12 engine positioned in the front—a trademark configuration that disappeared from Ferrari’s model range after the 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider. With 26 years of continual development from the 125 to the 365, the Daytona Spider is regarded by many tifosi as one of the finest cars to ever leave Maranello’s factory gates. The Daytona Spider was mechanically identical to the more conventional 365 GTB/4, which itself shared much of its drivetrain with the legendary 275 GTB/4. Underneath the incredible body designed by Leonardo Fioravanti lay a tubular steel chassis in which was housed a monstrous 4.4-litre quad-cam V-12; keeping to Ferrari’s competition roots, the 352-horsepower mill was lubricated with a dry-sump system. In order to keep an ideal weight balance, a transaxle transmitted power to the rear wheels. According to its Ferrari Classiche “Red Book”, this Daytona Spider, chassis number 16689, was delivered during August 1973. As noted by marque expert Marcel Massini, just 121 Daytona Spiders were produced by the factory, making it a rare model; this example is the 82nd made. Specified in the wonderful colour combination of Nocciola Metallizzato over Pelle Beige, this Ferrari would have been an astonishing sight on the streets of Ohio in 1973. Its first owner, Robert Lindner of Cincinnati, clearly had good taste, trading in a coupé adorned in identical colours. Ferrari didn’t produce a true replacement for the Daytona Spider, and its spiritual successor—the 550 Barchetta—wouldn’t arrive until 2000. Clearly enamoured, Lindner kept his Daytona Spider until 1991, by which time it had covered nearly 41,000 miles. At this time, it was imported into Germany. In the early 1990s, the Ferrari passed through the hands of two German dealers, one of whom commissioned a full restoration; during this process the odometer was reset to zero. In 1994, the car was purchased by a well-known collector, Dr. Wolf Zweifler, who enjoyed this Daytona Spider at many Ferrari events in the years that followed. After 17 years of ownership, Zweifler sold the car to the consigning owner. Wishing to return this Daytona Spider to its original colours, the owner commissioned marque expert and factory supplier, Carrozzeria Zanasi, to carry out a cosmetic restoration during 2013 and 2014—invoices and photos detailing the work are on file. Once this Ferrari was returned to its spectacular original specification of Nocciola Metallizzato over Pelle Beige, it was submitted to Ferrari Classiche and subsequently awarded Red Book certification in 2016, with the factory confirming that it retains its matching-numbers engine. Finished in one of the most wonderful colours offered by Ferrari, this Daytona Spider offers its next owner the opportunity to fully enjoy the sonorous roar of one of Ferrari’s greatest ever V-12s, all while participating in concours and Ferrari events all around the world.
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