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1966 Aston Martin DB6
Girardo & Co. Ltd

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United Kingdom


Engine no. 400/2012


Retaining its original six-cylinder engine, enhanced to 4.7-litre specification by RS Williams Ltd.


Delivered new to the United Kingdom, where it’s remained ever since


Just five custodians from new, the most recent of whom has owned it since 2008


Upgraded by the leading Aston Martin specialist RS Williams Ltd. to 4.7-litre specification and with the desirable handling kit


Showing just 36,250 verified miles on the odometer


Accompanied by its original tool kit, jack, spare wheel, spare key and a detailed history file comprising a copy of the original build sheet, a wealth of MOT certificates and a multitude of invoices

King Charles, Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Sellers, Mick Jagger and Twiggy. Besides their worldwide fame, these high-profile personalities share something else in common: at one point or another, they have all owned an Aston Martin DB6. It’s hardly surprising. The DB6 was the final – and many would say the finest – derivative of the Touring-designed ‘DB’ range of models and the first Aston Martin to be hand-built at the marque’s Newport Pagnell plant. The discreet injection of wheelbase and headroom finally lent the car the genuine Grand Touring credentials truly befitting of its grace and commanding power. Luxury, refinement and speed. Or should that read power, beauty and soul? Finished in the elegant shade of Rosso Dubonnet over Natural Connolly hide, this right-hand-drive DB6 – chassis number 2932/R – was delivered to its original owner on 29 October 1966 via the Aston Martin concessionaire Bradburys. Extras ticked on the factory’s options list included chrome wire wheels, a heated rear screen, three-ear ‘knock-off’ hub caps and a Motorola radio with power-operated aerial. While this Aston Martin’s first custodian, one Francis George Davis Jr. from Wolverhampton, kept the car for a handful of years, its second, F. G Davis from the West Midlands held onto it for over 30 years. He sold 2932/R only in July of 1999 with the mileage noted as 25,500 miles, as confirmed by the myriad MOT certificates we have on file. “RS Williams’ 4.7-litre engine upgrade and handling kit are both updates sworn by in Aston Martin circles and, as a result, incredibly desirable.” Two further UK-based collectors owned this DB6, before November of 2008 when it was acquired by its current custodian. As the multitude of invoices on file detail, the longstanding and leading Aston Martin specialist RS Williams Ltd. was promptly commissioned to carry out a complete visual and mechanical overhaul, with a view to creating the finest-possible DB6 to use and enjoy. In addition to stripping the bodywork, replacing any small sections of corrosion and repainting the car in its current and beautiful shade of grey, (reversible) power steering was fitted, the braking system was rebuilt and further sound deadening was added to the door skins. Furthermore, 2932/R received both RS Williams’ 4.7-litre engine upgrade and handling kit – both updates which are sworn by in Aston Martin circles and, as a result, incredibly desirable. The extensive project, which culminated in a 200-mile road test conducted by Richard Williams himself, totalled almost £110,000. In the 12 years since, this DB6 has lived in central London, been enjoyed sparingly (the current mileage reads 36,250 miles) and maintained by RS Williams Ltd. regardless of cost. Most recently, in September of 2022, 2932/R was treated to a major service, four new Avon tyres and a refurb of the brakes at all four corners. If you’re searching for a great Aston Martin DB6 to actually drive, this car is the perfect candidate. Owing to the lavish care bestowed upon it through the years and the desirable RS Williams upgrades to the powertrain, suspension and brakes, 2932/R is a joy to experience from behind the wood-rimmed steering wheel. The 4.7-litre straight-six oozes torque and dominates the experience, while the taught chassis plays a superb supporting act – this DB6 truly defies its size and its long-distance credentials are obvious from the get-go. What’s more, it retains its original spare wheel, spare key, tool roll and jack. It’s also accompanied by a detailed history file comprising a copy of the original build sheet, and a wealth of MOT certificates and invoices. Simply put, chassis number 2932/R wants for nothing besides a great new home.