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Suixtil Barcelona Bomber Jacket: Reviving a racing legacy for the modern day

At SpeedHolics, we’re all about reigniting the magic of classic car culture. Nothing makes us feel better than seeing a classic racing car, perfectly maintained or restored, hitting the road all these years later.

But classic car culture is about more than just cars, it’s an entire lifestyle. We wear our passion with pride in every way we can. Fortunately, SpeedHolics isn’t alone in this endeavor...

Suixtil is a name that might ring a bell to the classic motoring lover. Founded in Argentina in the 1930s by gentlemen’s clothing merchant M.S Rudmann, they delved into the world of motor sport and began outfitting the Escuderia Suixtil, the national racing team. That team was led by none other than the great Juan Manuel Fangio, one of the first icons to don the Suixtil insignia.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Suixtil was all the rage on the track, and more motoring icons like Stirling Moss donned this gear with pride, grace and style.

However, as the 1960s drew to a close, Suixtil vanished -- just like that.

The Rebirth of Suixtil

But what’s classic car culture without a re-birth? About a decade ago, the brand was resurrected by a coterie of motoring and style enthusiasts, and since then they’ve been creating high end, dapper clothing for motoring life, both on the track and off.

Suixtil takes its cue from the past, from their heritage, but it’s tailored to the modern day with an impeccable eye and a craftsman’s touch.

The Suixtil Barcelona Summer Bomber Jacket

Now this. Is. Class.

The Suixtil online shop is filled with vintage inspired clothing, accessories and memorabilia, and we’ll be writing about quite a few of them over the next while. But the Barcelona Summer Bomber Jacket jumped out immediately for being the epitome of a modern classic.

If you’re like us, you want to wear a piece of clothing that tells a subtle story about you. It’s stylish, gentlemanly, refined and relaxed all in one -- perfect for a day out driving or an afternoon in the sun, with a glass of whatever you prefer.

It’s available in faded red, electric blue, Argentine sky blue, or bottle green -- and to be honest, we can’t decide which we prefer. Pair it with a smart-casual pair of jeans or chinos, sports leisure shoes and some classic style sunglasses for maximum effect.

Why do we love it so much? Simple -- in one minimalist, considered design, it’s both of the 1960s and of 2020. It’s timeless, just like a great car, and that’s good enough for us...

SpeedHolics has not been paid to write about this product or brand, nor will we profit from any purchases you may make through the links in this article. We’re a fully independent website. We simply choose to write about products and brands that appeal to our passions, and hopefully to yours too.


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