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Speed Freaks by Tim Scott

Connection. That moment that eyes meet camera. I love this moment. It makes me feel like I’m getting to tell the story of a real human being and not just a semi-faceless person in a car. I try to capture as many people without sunglasses on or visor down just for this reason. There’s a beautiful power in human connections and I am honored that you share this with me. So next time that you see me with my big old film cameras and my star logo hat/shirt/jacket do me a huge favor and take a second to raise your visor or remove your sunglasses so that the world can have a split second to see you, your focus, your determination and the spirit of a true Speed Freak. I promise I will make it worth your while. :)

PS. This looks is NOT a digital filter or photoshop work. It is just how film shows the light when I meter for the shadows in the shadows of the roll cage. The light is so much brighter outside of the shadows that it almost becomes ghostly, and I love that.

I hope to continue this series called Speed Freaks for as long as I can take photographs. Drivers, builders, support teams and spectators alike, these are the people that keep this love of speed and culture alive. See you on the salt, the dry lakebed, the track and anywhere else where great people, fast cars, historic motorcycles and love of speed thrive. (not .com) @scottphotoco ©2019 Scott Photo Co. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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