»Speed« — A Virtual Art Experience with CAMERA WORK Gallery

One of Berlin's most renowned photo-art galleries hosts a virtual exhibition entitled Speed. Featuring rare and famous photographic works on the theme of Motor racing, F1 and racing culture, the exhibition showcases over 40 works from the past 100 years, with contributions from 23 eminent artists.

Photos courtesy of CAMERA WORK Gallery

Michel Comte - "Michael Schumacher"
Michel Comte - "Michael Schumacher"

This story started out as one thing, and quickly became something else. That’s one of the coolest things about digging up and writing stories for a living—the element of surprise.

When a member of the SpeedHolics team caught wind of the »Speed« exhibit, hosted by Berlin based photography gallery CAMERA WORKS, we were (obviously) drawn to the cars. That’s what we’re about here after all. But after taking the online tour of their virtual gallery, I'm impressed by more than just the striking art collection. I'm blown away by the entire concept and execution of the virtual exhibition.

Picture this: I’m sitting in a café in Cape Town, telling my colleagues in Italy and Switzerland about a gallery tour I’d just done in Berlin. This is much more than just a chance to look at some cool images by leading artists, it’s a full 3-D rendering of the gallery and the works themselves.

I couldn’t encourage you enough to click through and take a walk through the two floors of the beautiful Berlin gallery. But how’s the exhibition itself? In a word — brilliant.