Mercedes-Benz SSK Model by CMC Model Cars: A New Level of Attention to Detail and Truth

By now you know full well that our team here at SpeedHolics commits a great deal of time to searching for and honoring the great makers and doers who keep motoring’s golden eras alive today. On our most recent foray, we came across the Germany based CMC (Classic Model Cars). Rarely have we come across such a stringent attention to detail in a model car.

Photos courtesy of CMC - Classic Model Cars

While browsing their CMC website, it was their range of the unforgettable Mercedes-Benz SSK models that really stopped us in our tracks.

Considered the sportiest and most exclusive rendition of the of the super-charged six-cylinder racing sports cars from Mercedes-Benz’ S series, SSK is short for “Super-Sport Kurz” (meaning Short-wheelbase Super Sport). It debuted on race tracks in 1928, only four weeks after the SS (Super-Sport) model was introduced. Among its major modifications was a wheelbase curtailed by 450 millimeters to highlight its uncompromising characteristics. This made the SSK an ideal choice for hill climb racing. After Rudolf Caracciola won several important hillclimb races in the 1928 season, the factory decided to produce a small series of the SSK, initially meant to be a factory racing car only. However from October 1928 it was included in the official sales program.

So, part of the legend of the SSK is that it was both a factory racing car and a customer vehicle.

Some racing specifications, such as a more powerful compressor or a racing camshaft, were also available to private customers, while others were reserved for factory racing cars. It was common for private owners of an SSK to take part in races at weekends and use their two-seater