Interview: This Ford GT40 Replica is the Project of a Lifetime

Photos by Alessandro Barteletti (IG: @alessandrobarteletti)

We met Nicola a few weeks ago in Milan. We'd spotted his car on Instagram in June --a Ford GT40 replica with its own profile, detailing the passion and dedication he's put into the project. After a brief exchange of messages and a phone call, we knew we'd have to talk in more depth.

You can immediately recognize people who are passionate about cars even from the first call. A few words to introduce ourselves, then a deep dive into the story of the car itself. Here's what we talked about when we met up in Milan:

"The GT40 is a legendary car, an icon"

SpeedHolics: The Ford GT40 is something of a milestone car in motor sport history. It's the embodiment of the very human passion for speed, races and cars. How would you sum it up? Nicola: The GT40 is a legendary car, an icon. Even someone with no concern for sports cars can see this. If you saw it in the GULF livery, without even knowing it's a Ford, without even knowing about those 4 consecutive Le Mans victories, you'd still recognize that it's a symbolic car. I first recognized this when I was a child, and it's stayed with me ever since.

SH: So how did you come to own this replica? Nicola: My passion for cars has led me to having an understanding of their value, so actually owning one was always beyond me -- it was just a dream. But over the years, thanks to some of my own achievements, as well as some fortunate events, I've been able to own a few cars great sentimental and historical value for me. These have alternated between Italian super sports cars and American muscle cars, both of which I'm deeply fond of. Of course, the GT40 is one of these.

"I had to own a GT40 MKI Wide Body."