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Ferrari: Stories from Those Who Lived the Legend

No car embodies automotive passion quite like the Ferrari does. From the record-setting Formula One race cars produced by Scuderia Ferrari to the exquisite road cars created in Maranello, Italy, Ferrari has produced some of the most sensuous vehicles ever created.

“Exquisitely Illustrated, Ferrari: Stories from Those Who Lived the Legend” tells the complete story of this unique machine. Sixty years after Ferrari blazed onto the scene, this big book takes us right back to the world in which Ferrari was born. Master photographer and automotive writer John Lamm tells the Ferrari story through the words of the people who made history.

In extensive interviews with characters in the Ferrari narrative, from its founding days right up to today, Lamm gives us a thrilling, behind-the-scenes look at how automotive history was made.

Virtually an oral history of the world's most iconic sports car, Ferrari: Stories from Those Who Lived the Legend is also a treasury of historic and detailed modern images--what any reader lucky enough to open it up might expect--a hell of a ride.

Author: John Lamm


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