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Fascination Car Design

To me, cars have always been more than only a means to an end. They fascinate me in different ways, most of all in terms of their design.

In car styling, there are many different parts that – in their totality – make up a harmonious car design. In my series, which I photographed in 2016 as my bachelor thesis at university, I tried to extract these details, take them out of their context and allowed them the room for their own perfect shape. Through reduced and at the same time distinctive light guidance,

often combined with unfamiliar perspectives, I like to share the fascination of car design through my eyes. My pictures shouldn't be commercial shots, nor do they explain technical functions.

The sheer concentration on the aesthetics is the focus of this work. Ideally I can change the observers view on how to perceive the automobile.

It is an object to move you from A to B, but it can also be seen as a moving sculpture.

So why BMW? To be honest, a lot of car manufactures have an interesting design history and I love to photograph these evolutions.

As an original Münchner, I've always been a fan of the Bavarian brand – to be precise: mostly of their design.

Always sporty, mostly modern and often a great mix of traditional quotes with new elements. In most cases, there are even borrowings from the automotive beginnings of the Munich-based manufacturer.

This attention to detail has fascinated me and so I chose BMW for my bachelor thesis.

I photographed over 50 cars, from the classic BMW Dixi up to the 2016 G11 7-series at the BMW Museum, at the BMW Group and at private individuals.


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