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E9 BMW CSL by Tim Scott

*GASP* Color!

"The inaugural Sonoma Speed Festival was the first event that I have photographed where I am more drawn to my color images than my black and white. Why? The cars from these eras (50’s to current) tell such a story with their livery and actually serve to tie them in to the era from which they began their stories. Take, for example, this BMW. In black and white it would still look pretty amazing but with color it just screams so much louder in its visual language–just as the designer intended.

Am I going to switch to color film full time? Absolutely not, but when I have a chance to photograph the Sonoma Speed Festival again and other cars like this I will definitely be shooting more color!

Sonoma Speed Festival, 2019. Sonoma Raceway, California. Pentax 67 and Kodak Ektar 100." Courtesy of ScottPhoto.Co - Photography by Tim Scott


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