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Best Wishes to All the "Speedholics"

In the year celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary Countach, I would like to send the traditional Happy New Year wishes to the readers of “Insights” and to all the “Speedholics”, with two documents that talk about the car and which in some way offer an analogy with our present...

Courtesy of Luigi Marmiroli Archive

The first document is a vintage greetings card printed by Automobili Lamborghini many years ago. As you can see, the wording is: “A good start to the new year”.

This is perfectly suited to our times, wishing a quick start out of this unfortunate pandemic period.

The second document, again relating to the Countach, seems to describe the current situation even better. It is an old Pirelli advert, filmed in the old city of Matera. A sudden, unknown disaster stops the Earth rotating around its axis. Panic spreads among all the inhabitants of the planet.

But a lady, dressed in white, climbs into a splendid red Countach and drives it into a cave, placing the rear wheels on an uncovered portion of the globe.

The power of the Lamborghini engine, and the perfect adherence of the Pirelli tyres, are able to set the Earth rotating again, and save the world.

If we replace the planet at a standstill with that caused by Covid-19 and the Countach effect with the vaccine, the analogy is clear.

So best wishes for a quick restart…


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