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1961 Jaguar E-Type

When the Jaguar E-Type was introduced to the world in 1961, it was hailed as one of the most beautiful automotive designs the world had ever seen. It was sleek and elegant in appearance, but fiery on the inside.

It also came at a considerably lower price than a Ferrari.

The E-Type, or the X-KE as it was known in North America, was the culmination of years of development of the C and D types, which had taken five victories at the Le Mans 24hr.

In comparison with the out-dated XK150, the E-Type was a whole new level of engineering and design, and it brought Jaguar back to the top table of the sports car market. Its development had been a well-kept secret, and it was first unveiled, to the surprise of the public, at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961.

What isn’t a surprise though, is that it became an immediate star.


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