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1995 Porsche 911 GT2
JamesEdition B.V.

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Engine 6 Cylinder


Gearbox Manual


Drive Lhd


Drive train Rwd


Fuel type Petrol


Power 600 hp (447 kw)


Condition Used


Color Custom

The vehicle offered here is without doubt one of the most extraordinary Porsches we have ever offered for sale. The term automobile is probably out of place. A work of art would be a much better description. With only 11 units built, a Porsche 993 GT2 EVO is already one of the rarest models ever built in Zuffenhausen or Weissach. The example shown here, however, is an absolute one-off. Built by Porsche to celebrate the presentation of the GT2 EVO at the 1995 IAA in Frankfurt. For this purpose, the car was given a unique paint job. A masterpiece in the so-called ”Harlekin” design was created in elaborate manual work to show what is feasible on the Porsche stand - and not only in technical terms. Nowadays, there would only be one place for such a unique specimen, namely the Porsche Museum. In 1995 this was different. One of the most important and influential customers of the brand made a decision at the sight of this car, from which he would not be dissuaded. This GT2 EVO was to find its way into his private museum. And so it happened that Porsche actually sold the car. This process was undoubtedly as unique as the car itself and is unlikely to have been repeated in this form a second time in the company’s history. The new owner regarded the Porsche as a pure work of art, lavishly displayed in his private collection. Untouched in 25 years - although the car was kept ready for use at all times. It is thanks to this meticulous care that, at the time of its purchase by our company in 2020, this unique specimen arrived in our halls in fully operational condition. For the following 3 years, the car remained in our in-house collection before the decision was made to release this unique piece for sale. The statement ”a unique opportunity” is clearly given too lightly in our industry these days, in this case it seems almost an understatement. To be able to call this car your own is simply like reaching the Olympus as a Porsche collector.