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1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6
DLS Automobile

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In Stock



Engine 2.5


Exterior marone grigio metallizzato


Interior beige velours


Power in HP/KW 160/118

Features electric windows, air conditioning, tinted glass, R/C, alloy wheels, right exterior mirror, metallic paint, sports exhaust system The deeper you delve into this topic, the more we should agree on one important point - this car should actually no longer exist. At least not in this unrestored, top condition after 43 years. If it does (which we strongly doubt), then it is either in the Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan or in a well-sorted collection of an Alfa Romeo connoisseur. This exceptionally well-preserved GTV matured in sun-drenched Tuscany and was therefore not exposed to winter in salt or other bad weather. In addition, during the long rest periods of its sheltered maturation it probably had a shady spot that kept its interior and dashboard away from the sun and thus prevented it from drying out or even cracking. Accordingly, its interior does not look any more worn or faded than that of a two- to three-year-old, well-maintained Alfa of the same series. With the main difference that a good 40 years have passed and there are no more two- to three-year-old GTV6s... Do you see what we're getting at? We call it an incredible stroke of luck that we can admire the favorite car of an Alfisti who apparently knew what to do to preserve his car for posterity over 40 years ago. The Alfa is missing exactly NOTHING! No maintenance backlog, a functioning air conditioning system (from the factory!), no imbalance, tires, brakes - everything is just as you would have hoped 40 years ago when you could pick up your ordered new car from your trusted Alfa Romeo dealer. Even when the new car was handed over, the buyers of this brand had to be blessed with a certain... to put it mildly in old age - willingness to compromise, so as not to drive off the lot in a fit of rage at the ceremonial handover... Anyone who is old and honest enough with themselves and who is not suffering from memory loss will remember: That - was - Alfa! A love-hate relationship for a fascinating but also bitchy automobile with many stubborn moods that kept its drivers on their toes. But when it worked (which it basically did almost always, because it was usually only the small "background noises" that made life difficult...), the Alfa Romeo was a wonderful car with character, with sound and with a good dose of built-in Italy... We digress... There will be more details about this very special GTV shortly. First, however, we ask you to look at all the photos we took immediately after receiving this gem. Probably the finest, most melodious V6 engine from series production in one of the most beautiful coupes of the 70s and 80s - the top model from Alfa Romeo at the time with the designation GTV6 2.5. See you soon and as always with best wishes