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1956 Ferrari 250 GT Boano
Very Superior Old Cars

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Model history Ferrari had been doing well through the 1950s with the 250 series of road and racing cars. The company’s successful early line included many variants and are characterized by their use of the Lampredi or Colombo designed 3 liter V12 engine. From the mid fifties, Ferrari’s road car production became important to the company’s future stability. Carrozzeria Pinin Farina was not yet able to meet Ferrari’s increased demand and thus Carrozzeria Boano was entrusted to expand the 250 GT series. The Ferrari 250 GT Boano replaced the 250 GT Europa and represented a significant departure for Ferrari. Driver and passenger comfort were taken seriously; the interior was more luxurious, seats were broader and there was less noise intrusion. By this time there was also synchromesh in the gearbox, which was exactly what was expected by the increasingly important North American market. The Boano-bodies cars were distinguished from later cars by the roof being lower and by the existence of quarter-light windows. From 1958 onwards the body was built by Ellena who raised the roof by about 3 inches. This example Retains its matching number engine Well maintained in an important Dutch Ferrari collection One of only 88 ‘low-roof’ examples Restored in 1998 This lovely 250 GT Boano was built in 1956 is one of some 88 cars manufactured. Many of them were used in competition events with gentlemen drivers. The chassis was very similar to the 250 GT Tour de France and the Tipo 128 B engine delivered 240 bhp so the car could be competitive, although the car was heavier as the competition cars due to the steel body on the Boano. The bodywork is in excellent condition with very good panel fit as the Boano’s were well built. This car shows no previous accidents and has a well kept and very clean underside with the original floorpans. We are currently researching the car’s early history, but quite early the car arrived in America and was owned by a Mr. Steve Barny and then by Robert Spangler of the Prancing Horse Farm in Baltimore. In 1983 the car was owned by Steve Cottingham. In 1997 the car appeared at auction in the UK and in 2000 the car was sold to a Mr Alberto Garnerone. He kept the car until his estate sold the car in 2013. The next owner is the current caretaker, a long time and important Ferrari collector. During the current ownership the car was used sparingly but well maintained. A number of cars were in period converted to other arguably more desirable, competition-orientated series from the 250 family. Fortunately, this car was not converted to a racing type car, making it a rare and original survivor. The paintwork is still presentable and shows some patina after more than 20 years. The Boano styling is elegant and the two-tone paintwork suits the model very well. The interior with the TdF style sport seats is in very nice condition. The engine starts well and shows hardly any smoke and has good oil pressure. The gearbox is a delight to use. The grey painted Borrani wheels give the car the sporting appearance. This must present a tempting offer, considering for example a 250 GT Lusso is much more expensive and significantly less rare while the Boano retains much more of its racing DNA. This car is a great 12-cilinder Ferrari to be used in rally, touring & club events or in the Mille Miglia for which it is eligible. This example deserves a new great home where it can be further enjoyed.