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The Tour

Canton: Ticino
Ponte Tresa - Figino

Featuring Reto Sormani and his
Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1300 

Canton: Ticino
Figino - Monte Bre

Featuring Giovanni Poretti and his
Alfa Romeo Sprint 2600

Canton: Grisons
Thusis - Bernina Pass
Featuring Ronnie Kessel and his

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 1600

Canton: Bern
Bern - Gurnigen Pass
Featuring Serge Stotzer and his

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS

The international charm of a city where contemporary architecture blends with the wonderful views of the lake and the surrounding peaks

In a region of empty roads winding through the forests, the pleasure of driving blends with the discovery of some charming and, at times, mysterious places. We stumbled upon them at the wheel of a 1969 Junior Zagato

Like any charming adventure, there is treasure to be found. Ours is called Engadin, and to find it we climbed two mountain passes, the Julier and the Bernina

A journey through history, with legends, brown bears, phantasmagorical fountains and a picturesque river. And the charming Alps less than an hour’s drive away

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