Rémi Dargegen: Shooting Stories

My flight to Paris has landed with a two-hour delay. I hate being late for interviews, and I’m almost running through the streets of the city, my map opened on my smartphone to show me the way. I’m so focused on not getting lost that I barely notice the sun shining over me, and the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Garden on the left. Spring is here, and everything is scented and coloured.

Photos by Rémi Dargegen (IG: @remidargegenphotographies)

Rémi Dargegen and I have arranged to meet in a Café at the end of the street: as I see him from a distance, I immediately notice he is exactly the same person I’ve seen online while searching for images. A brown leather jacket, a long black beard and handlebar moustache: a nice person, like a character from a fairy tale, and for a few seconds I forget he is one of the world’s foremost automotive photographers. Actually, as I have a seat in front of him and he starts talking about his job and passion for classic cars, I realise everything started as if he were part of a tale.

When he was a child, during a trip in Venice with his parents he saw a model of a Ferrari 250 Testarossa in a shop window and was fascinated by it.

His parents were not the ones who always said “yes” to all his requests, but that time, as he asked to have it, they accepted. I think that was a sign of fate.

From that episode, his passion grew by reading classic cars magazines, and attending classic cars events. The magazines were in French at the beginning, as he was too young to read in any other language, but as soon as he began studying abroad during summer holidays, he started to buy them in English and German. And this helped a lot to acquire a certain knowledge. Concerning the events, as he was at school or college, he couldn’t move so much. So, he just picked two or three of them in the year, the best ones, and most of the time, his father came with h