MAGGIORE’s “Restomod” Project Reimagines the Ferrari 308

In the coastal Tuscan town of Forte dei Marmi, startup design & motoring enthusiasts MAGGIORE have a big ambition: to create unique cars using a blend of traditional craftsmanship and forward thinking technology.

Founded in 2019 by Gianluca Maggiore, the company employs a network of quality suppliers, expert consultants, creatives and innovators to provide avant-garde technical solutions and top of the line materials, with the goal of creating limited edition machines for their clientele. Every car produced is then tailored for completion according to each client’s specs. Thus, each car becomes a true one of a kind.

MAGGIORE’s flagship project “Restomod” sees them restore iconic vehicles of times gone by, updating them for the modern day while remaining faithful to the heritage of each model.


First out of the workshop is the 308M, a revitalization of the iconic Ferrari 308. It’s been totally modified both mechanically and aesthetically, without overwhelming the original, inspirational design. Each piece of bodywork has been reproduced in carbon fibre, while all the mechanical parts have undergone redesign or refurbishment. The engine has been upgraded while holding onto its original characteristics, and the handling, fuel consumption and power have all been enhanced.

In short, the 308M drives like a new car.