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MAGGIORE’s “Restomod” Project Reimagines the Ferrari 308

In the coastal Tuscan town of Forte dei Marmi, startup design & motoring enthusiasts MAGGIORE have a big ambition: to create unique cars using a blend of traditional craftsmanship and forward thinking technology.

Founded in 2019 by Gianluca Maggiore, the company employs a network of quality suppliers, expert consultants, creatives and innovators to provide avant-garde technical solutions and top of the line materials, with the goal of creating limited edition machines for their clientele. Every car produced is then tailored for completion according to each client’s specs. Thus, each car becomes a true one of a kind.

MAGGIORE’s flagship project “Restomod” sees them restore iconic vehicles of times gone by, updating them for the modern day while remaining faithful to the heritage of each model.


First out of the workshop is the 308M, a revitalization of the iconic Ferrari 308. It’s been totally modified both mechanically and aesthetically, without overwhelming the original, inspirational design. Each piece of bodywork has been reproduced in carbon fibre, while all the mechanical parts have undergone redesign or refurbishment. The engine has been upgraded while holding onto its original characteristics, and the handling, fuel consumption and power have all been enhanced.

In short, the 308M drives like a new car.

From an aesthetic perspective, the interior still looks vintage, harking back to the 70s and 80s, but MAGGIORE have used carbon fibre, Alcantara suede, and marble detailing to pay homage to their own Tuscan origins.

A Boyhood Dream

MAGGIORE founder Gianluca Maggiore dreamed up the 308M Restomod Project out of a desire to drive an iconic motor from his youth, but with all the safety and performance upgrades provided by modern technology.

It’s a subtle and delicate craft -- reinterpreting classic style and performance while keeping with the car’s identity and heritage.

Here’s the challenge though: How can the brains behind this project make us feel the way the first drivers of the Ferrari 308 felt? At that time, this motor was cutting edge. And so, stepping inside the 308M is like stepping back to the 1980’s, while still feeling that you’re driving one of the world’s most high performance cars.

MAGGIORE’s vision therefore, goes much, much deeper than simply restoring these classic cars. They want to pay tribute, but not simply by cultivating nostalgia. Rather, they want to pay tribute by breathing new life into these machines.

308M: Design Specs

The most iconic components of the original 308 have been preserved, including the rear hood grilles, mudguards, air inlets and general interior shape. Meanwhile, the bodywork, windscreen and interior has all been reconditioned for the modern day. Elsewhere, components have been redesigned with the utmost respect for the originals, breathing new life into the car. The style of the front section has been completely renewed, the increased track width imply new mudguards that redefine the front bumper. It’s still familiar, but wider and designed to accommodate a sleeker carbon fiber bumper than the original that englobes two latest-generation halogen headlights.

The iconic disappearing headlights, which are considered illegal according to modern homologation standards, have been replaced by horizontal LED strips that define the daytime running lights (DRL) and the indicator lights which give the whole “look” of the car a more imposing look.

The mudguards on the side have been increased in width, together with a carbon fiber side skirt. Both contribute to the sinuosity of the car, and to change the perception of its height from the ground. The famous lateral air inlets have been elongated with the help of a carbon fiber trimming to give the side of the car even more dynamism.

17” alloy wheels have been custom built in a classic style for this project, allowing for a more proportioned general appearance -- in line with modern times without seeming excessive. Behind the side glass there is a triangular volume in carbon fiber, in place of the original grille. This includes an extra air inlet to allow the more advanced version of the engine to breathe.

At the back end as well as at the front, the entire look has been revisited -- Reapportioned general volumes and an integrated spoiler with an 80s look and feel. The integration of a spoiler on the side in the shape of a light tick is a tribute to famous Ferrari models of the past.

Notes of modernity can be seen in the group of back headlights, made with LEDs and floating elements enclosed in cylindrical supports in carbon fiber that recall the historic style of the car in the shape alone.

carbon diffuser and a new exhaust system in stainless steel in the lower part of the back bumpers evoke and allow us to feel the work that has been put into the engine. The back hood has been redesigned for the project and created in carbon fiber, reusing the original iconic grilles. At the centre of the back hood there is a porthole of cloudy glass, a tribute to the more modern Ferraris, from which you can admire the changes made to the beating heart of this car.

308M: Engine & Performance Specs

The engine is the historic Ferrari V8 Quattrovalvole with injection system. To guarantee the highest performance with the maximum reliability, it has been completely disassembled and all its internal components have been reviewed and/or improved. All the mechanical transformations have been curated by Italtecnica, a leader in the field of sports competitions for almost 30 years.

The changes aim to give the engine more power but above all make it fuller even with low rpm to have a particularly pleasant performance for a more edgy use on daily roads, without being exasperated. In keeping the original cylinder/head, it was possible to enlarge the bore to increase the engine capacity to 3146cc. New oversize nodular cast iron liners were developed and combined to new oversized forged pistons that were designed and produced specifically for this use, with graphite coating to improve the wear durability and with a modified head to increase the squish effect and the compression ratio.

Oversize new valves have been designed with an optimized profile for greater air flow, combined to new and more powerful camshafts. A new larger butterfly valve has been included and the mechanically controlled fuel injection system is now electronically controlled by a specific control unit to reduce the overall inertia.

The exhaust manifolds have been blindfolded for thermodynamic reasons and to give a vintage tone to the engine compartment and the new exhaust is made entirely of stainless steel.

To complete the engine compartment a lightweight flywheel has been added to a racing clutch. Thanks to all these changes the engine has more favourable torque curves and greater power, which brings this configuration to reach a 300HP at 7000rpm and a maximum torque of 300Nm at 5500rpm, with 250Nm already available at 3000rpm.

The chassis is original but it has been completely restored. The track width has been widened by 50mm in the front and 100mm at the back. This has been combined to suspension updated with changes to the connection to allow for the use of a braking system with 4 piston calipers from Brembo with radial connections, racing pads and self-ventilating 280mm discs, both at the front and at the back, bringing about an increase of 50% in the braking power with respect to the original system. The car also boasts a brakeforce distributor. To complete the suspension package there is a series of Koni racing shock absorbers with adjustable coaxial springs.

The Brains Behind 308M

The research into the materials and colours to use was carried out by the Studio Stefan Scholten, a Design studio based in Amsterdam with many Italian influences. It was precisely this union of modern Northern European design blended with Italian culture and Mediterranean styles that inspired us to choose this studio as partner for the development of this project.

Stefan Scholten, creative director of this project, has decades of experience in product design and has recently turned his work to the automotive sector for the MINI/BMW group.

The work carried out on the interior follows the same philosophy as the exterior, with few functional changes to the volume, and an attention to detail and an almost obsessive care in the choice of materials. Carbon fiber, machined aluminium, leather, fabric and even marble define the new door panels, the tunnel and the panel, which has been rendered more linear and conducive to accommodate original and new components in an intriguing fusion.

The tunnel maintains the same shape and configuration as the original car but with redesigned and modernized elements for daily and durable use. The door panels are built in carbon fiber and modified for a more modern and functional aspect in terms of modern user-friendliness. The materials used for the interior upholstery and finishing are of the highest quality and entirely customizable according to the client’s personal taste.

The leather and the fabrics are supplied by Maharam, a celebrated famous US leader in textiles for over a century who are recognised worldwide as lead suppliers for high end design projects.

The vintage atmosphere has not precluded the implementation of a sophisticated hi-res sound system, incorporated in the cabin and developed by Delta Sigma, a long-established supplier for car brands of note in limited series. A modern touch can be found in the preparation for a HUD display behind the dashboard that remains hidden so as not to disturb the vintage mood of the car.

The Final Touches

To complete the project, and in keeping with the philosophy of tailoring and craftsmanship, a package of accessories has been created to complement the car, such as luggage sets, keyrings and wallets and a leather clothing line. These are tailor-made items and therefore made-to-measure for each client by some of the most renowned local craftsmen.

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