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Discover SpeedHolics Yearbook 1 - The Inaugural Paper Edition, Anticipating Future Volume.

The essence of SpeedHolics in a limited-edition series of only 500 copies manually numbered - 224 pages of high-quality paper that capture the very best of our journey. A collector's item that is a true time capsule, preserving the essence of classic automotive. 


When we launched SpeedHolics two years ago, our mission was at once simple and zealous – to become a digital haven for aficionados of classic motoring culture. Since those early days in 2020 when we went live with little more than an empty website and a full dream, our transformation has been remarkable. We’ve been able to work with the best – photographers, film makers, writers, graphic designers, artisans, collectors, experts, and legends of the racing world. We’ve met some incredible people, and told some incredible stories along the way. Better yet, we’ve brought these stories before an ever-growing audience.

Success is difficult to define in this world, but to us, it means being able to rekindle the spirit of the Golden Age of racing and car culture within thousands of people. We believe we’ve been able to thread the needle between the stories of man and machine, for they are so entwined but all too often made separate. Some of our efforts were better than others, but all efforts, we’re proud to say, were made with honesty, integrity, and love.

We’ve created this yearbook to act as a time capsule for the essence of those people, machines, and creative projects we’ve covered in the last few years. But as well as this, we’ve created it to capture the early narrative of SpeedHolics. While we look onwards and upwards and seek to do even better things, we believe that life is nothing without its moments. This book serves to protect and make these moments permanent. It’s been a hell of a ride thus far.

We hope you enjoy what you discover inside these covers.

The SpeedHolics Team

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