Günther Raupp - The Ferrari Book

A must have for car photography and Ferrary photography enthusiasts is the Günther Raupp's Official Ferrari Book, an exclusive edition of with preface by Piero Ferrari "This book gets our engines revving. Its images testify the great passion for Ferrari." Piero Ferrari "Classic Ferrari at its best; precise in the portrayal and absolutely visually breathtaking. Günther Raupp has created the Ferrari Bible." Marcel Massini, Ferrari historian "Accelerates the emotions: Günther Raupp is a virtuoso artist and an interpreter of Italian design." Dr. Rolf Sachsse, Professor for Design History and Design Theory "You must first of all dream about a car", was Enzo Ferrari´s credo. And no other produces photographs for these dreams of the Commendatore like Günther Raupp. Far from a flood of everyday images; the internationally renowned artist among automotive photographers portrays these Maranello objects of desire with ultimate seduction – thereby adding a sustained spark to the Ferrari Myth. Format: 29 x 37 cm, 304 pages Hard cover, approx. 250 color images Text in German, English, French, Italian and Chinese

Where to find it: https://www.raupp.com/en/ferrari_book

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