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The end of an era - Goodbye Hans Mezger

"The end of an era. Goodbye Hans Mezger, one of the sacred monsters in motorsport history, father of the Porsche 917, of the Turbo engines, but also of the production 911 engine, the 804 Formula 1 as well as the Porsche-TAG F1 in the 80’s.

I had the indescribable honor to meet him only once, on that very special day of April 2019, photographing the 917 family for the Porsche Museum, when, in the middle of the afternoon, he arrived for a total impromptu visit at Werk 1. He didn’t know we were there shooting all the cars together. And I’ll never forget his reaction: like a kid in a toys store. He couldn’t believe all the cars had been regrouped for that shooting, even recreating the famous 1969 homologation lineup at the exact place where it had been made 50 years before!

Gute Fahrt Herr Mezger, and thank you for this amazing heritage... You’re now definitely in the Pantheon of the true greats." - Rémi Dargegen


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