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Curiosity, Craft & Commitment: Triton 53 Driving Gloves by Café Leather

One thing we value most highly at SpeedHolics is curiosity.

It’s the thing that drives us to seek out the most inventive, imaginative classic motoring & car culture projects around the world. The way we see it, whomever said “curiosity killed the cat” suffers from a worrying lack of ambition.

Lately however, our curiosity has been piqued by a tight team of creatives in Spain -- the brains behind leather brand Café Leather.

Nestled in the shadow of a range of Andalusian foothills, the quaint town of Ubrique stands out for its characterful white-painted buildings and its proclivity for world class leather craftsmanship. Add to that an appreciation for authenticity, a passion for motoring style, and a commitment to quality, and we’re sold.

The leather tells the story

Leather is cool again. It always was in truth, but it’s seen a complete resurgence in the last few years. But where there are popular trends, all too often there are charlatans looking to cut corners and make quick cash. Café Leather, we’re happy to know, are not amongst this group.

They use only premium vegetable tanned leather, a robust and hard wearing leather which doesn’t require the use of chemicals. In short, it’s the most natural and environmentally friendly leather available.

Eco-consciousness aside, we love this kind of leather for how beautifully it ages -- each product develops its own distinctive patina over the years. While you may buy the same item as someone else, after a few years yours will be unique to you.

I’ve had a pair of leather boots for ten years now. They’re still going strong. But every time I see the scuff marks and creases around the toes of the left boot, I’m reminded of seven exhilarating years spent riding a motorcycle. Your leather tells your story. It’s a truly amazing product, one that we humans have used for thousands of years, yet here it is today, still as classic and refined as ever.

Café Leather’s Triton 53 Driving Gloves

We’ve taken quite a few admiring looks at Café Leather’s collection of wallets, bags, clothing, notebooks and personal accessories, but it’s the driving gloves that we’ve admired the most. There’s a selection of just under thirty pairs of classically influenced driving gloves, but it's Triton 53 that's caught our eye time and time again.

Designed in collaboration with Madrid based artist and motoring enthusiast Manu Campa, the Triton 53 Driving Gloves “Pay tribute to the great pioneers of motor history who dared to do what no one had done until then.”

Handcrafted with specialty lamb skin, as well as the aforementioned vegetable tanned leather, the look and feel of these gloves immediately evokes the noise and atmosphere of track day circa 1960. And we’re totally OK with that. In fact, we love it.

But being old fashioned just for the sake of it doesn’t stoke our emotions so much -- there has to be something innovative too. A half century on from the golden era of motor racing, we now have far more advanced technology and quality at our disposal. The team at Café Leather understand this too, and have thus built their products to stand up the demands of the modern day. The perforated leather allows more breathability, and therefore less perspiration, while the button snap and elasticated wrist adds a great deal of freedom and comfort.

While we wait for ours to arrive in the mail, we’re dreaming of the next track day or relaxed road trip along the coast -- sunglasses on, windows open, radio turned down low to hear the growl of the engine, and gloved hands gripping the steering wheel.

Bring it on.

Full Disclosure: SpeedHolics has not been paid to write about this product or brand, nor will we profit from any purchases you may make through the links in this article. We’re a fully independent website. We simply choose to write about products and brands that appeal to our passions. Hopefully the appeal to yours too.

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