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1954 Maserati A6 GCS/53 Spyder by Fiandri & Malagoli

In 1947, the contract between the Maserati brothers and the Orsi family concerning the running of the company expired and management of Maserati became the sole responsibility of the latter. Before finally leaving the company bearing their name, the brothers Ernesto, Ettore and Bindo Maserati developed a new model, the "1500 Gran Turismo", Tipo A6 (for "Alfieri" and "6-cylinders"). This had an unusual Pinin Farina body with retractable headlights and a 1.5-litre OHC six-cylinder engine. The engineer Alberto Massimino had also been involved in the project, to ensure technical continuity after the founders of the marque left. [...]. This example was sold in 2018 at auction by Arcurial for the fair amount of 2,445,600€.

Courtesy: Artcurial

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