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1976 Ferrari 308 GTB 'Vetroresina' Group 4
RM Sotheby's

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For Auction in PARIS 1 FEBRUARY 2023 Chassis No. 18855

Engine No. 00034

Dirk de Jager ©2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

One of four 308 GTBs modified by the Facetti brothers to Group 4 specifications


Debuted at the 24 Hours of Daytona by the Italian Jolly Club; campaigned by Bob


Bondurant, Dino Mallet, Romeo Camathias, and Sergio Rombolotti


Driven to victory in multiple races by Carlo Facetti, the 1978 Campionato Italiano Group 4 Champion


Subject to mechanical restoration in 2018 by Ferrari specialist Roelofs Engineering and Gipimotor, costing in excess of €200,000


Accompanied by FIA Historical Technical Passport, 10 spare wheels, and assorted gearbox components

Launched at the 1975 Paris Motor Show as a replacement for the outgoing Dino 246 GT, the Scaglietti-built Ferrari 308 GTB featured a mid-mounted 2.9-litre V-8 engine coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. The earliest and more desirable examples were bodied in glass-reinforced plastic, tipping the scales at 150 kilograms less than their later, steel-bodied counterparts. Among those to see the 308 GTB’s competitive potential were Italian brothers, Carlo and Giuliano Facetti from Bresso, who converted four examples to Group 4 specification. Their 308s became famed for their rarity and pre-date the Michelotto-built Group 4 and Group B cars that emerged in the early-1980s. This Ferrari 308 GTB, chassis 18855, left the factory in early 1976 finished in Rosso Chiaro, and was delivered new to a dealer in Bolzano, Italy. By 1977, the Facetti brothers had acquired the Ferrari, and converted it to Group 4 specifications. For its first outing, the car was entered into the 1978 24 Hours of Daytona, driven by Bob Bondurant, Dino Mallet, Romeo Camathias, and Sergio Rombolotti. They qualified in 32nd place, but—due to alternator failure—the car was forced to retire after 82 laps. Following Daytona, chassis 18855 was fielded in the 1978 Campionato Italiano Gruppo 4. Piloted by Carlo Facetti—making this the only Facetti-built 308 to be driven by Carlo—the Ferrari was immensely successful. Facetti won races at the Autódromo dell’Umbria, the Misano World Circuit, the Autódromo de Pergusa, and at Vallelunga Circuit. As a result of his success, he became the 1978 Campionato Italiano Group 4 Champion. The following year, Facetti competed at the Havířov International in Czechoslovakia, where he qualified 2nd but was forced to retire due to an accident. By mid-1980, the 308 GTB had been sold to Ciro Nappi, the founder of Scuderia Vesuvio. He raced this Ferrari at Vallelunga on two occasions in 1981, finishing 1st in Group 4 on 18 October. Ciro and his brother Piero continued to compete with the car, finally selling the Ferrari to the consigning owner in 2018, following 38 years of ownership. With the ‘Vetroresina’ body well-preserved, the owner opted to have chassis 18855 mechanically restored shortly after buying the car. The engine and gearbox were rebuilt by the Ferrari specialist, Roelofs Engineering in the Netherlands, with the suspension and other components restored in Belgium by Gipimotors. The restoration adhered to Group 4 FIA regulations and in October 2018, an FIA Historic Technical Passport was issued. Invoices on file for the restoration work exceed €200,000. Following its time in the workshop, this Facetti-built 308 has seen little use. The car is accompanied by historic photographs, old race entry sheets, and sits on new Gotti wheels and tyres. It is offered with six spare Gotti wheels and tyres, as well as four period-correct BBS wheels, alongside a selection of gearbox components. Chassis 18855 presents a wonderful opportunity to acquire one of just four Facetti-built 308 GTBs. With an enviable period race history and eligibility for leading historic motorsport events including the Modena Cento Ore, Targa Florio Classic, and Tour Auto, this rare and well-preserved Ferrari is the perfect tool for regularities and rallies.