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1971 Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico
Iconic Auctioneers Ltd

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United Kingdom


Transmission Manual


Body Colour Diamond White

It seems likely that Ford already had plans to introduce a high-performance Escort to fit in the range between the 1300GT and the Twin Cam / RS1600, but their victory in the 1970 World Cup Rally, which finished in Mexico, provided an ideal platform to launch such a model. The engineers at the newly formed AVO (Advanced Vehicles Operations) quickly developed the 'Mexico', marrying the Type 49 body-shell as used in the Twin Cam and RS1600 with the 1600cc Kent 'crossflow' engine and 2000E gearbox. So, effectively, the Mexico was basically a re-engined Twin Cam / RS1600. The Mexico was AVO's most successful and numerous of the 'Rally Sport Escorts,' and it had a number of advantages on the road, in that it offered decent performance, was easy to maintain, relatively easy to insure and above all it was great to drive, something which is still true today. Offered here is a genuine AVO Ford Escort Mexico built at Aveley in May 1971 confirmed by its V5 which clearly states Ford Mexico. Its rally pedigree is endorsed by an earlier MSA rally competition logbook (needs renewing) and the roll bar carries some early scrutineering stickers. It has a gas-flowed head and only recently has been treated to a couple of brand new 45 DCOE Webers. The crossflow engine is dry-sumped with the oil tank in the boot and it has a close-cut 'Rocket' gearbox and a limited-slip differential. Feeding the new Webers is a Rally Weld alloy competition fuel tank with a spare wheel recess. Classically finished in Diamond White with black graphics, the Mexico has recently benefited from substantial expenditure with a view to renewed competition use and a new MSA Logbook. Both front and rear brakes have been replaced and a new pedal box fitted. Two new Cobra seats have been fitted with new TRS Turn One harnesses and an extinguisher, making sure that all the safety equipment is right up to date. It's just been granted a fresh MOT so is ready for the papers to be renewed by the next owner. With the recent RAC Rally capturing the publics imagination again this Mexico, which wrote the book on national grass roots rallying, would be the perfect car to enjoy the resurgence in the sport at a very realistic budget. This is a great opportunity to own an iconic seventies 'Performance Ford', with all the history and magic that the name 'Mexico' implies.