1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce Spider

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1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce Spider







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Chassis # AR149502264


Engine # AR131530740


1 Of Only 32 Veloce Spider Examples Produced In 1957


A Matching Numbers Example Fresh From Concourse Quality Restoration


Eligible For Numerous Historic Rallies And Events


Sale Includes Certificate of Origin, Restoration Photos And Documentation, Tool Kit, Books, Jack, Spare, And More


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The Alfa Romeo Giuletta started as a 2+2 coupe dubbed the Giulietta Sprint, introduced at the 1954 Turin Motor Show. A year later, it was joined by the 4-door Berlina and a few months later by the open two-seat Giuletta Spider with bodywork by Pininfarina. A faster version of the Giuletta Spider was also introduced around this time, dubbed the Giuletta Spider Veloce. It featured dual Weber carburetors, hotter cams, a cold-air intake, and higher-compression pistons which combined took the horsepower numbers up to 91 from the 79 hp of the regular Spider. Only 2,796 Spider Veloces were ever produced. It is believed that only 50 Spider Veloces were built between 1956 and 1957, with 37 built in 1957 and a mere 18 in 1956. This particular example, Chassis # AR149502264, was delivered new to Hoffman Motor Car Company in New York on December 17th, 1957 with a Rosso exterior and a black leather interior. This Alfa’s documented history begins ten years ago when it was listed for sale by a broker who found it in a barn in Bethel, Connecticut. Despite sitting for an undetermined number of years, it was an overall solid vehicle with minimal amounts of rust. The current owner and consignor commissioned a full, bare metal restoration of the car that we helped oversee and was finished in September of this year. The body was done by an Alfa specialist in Florida in the original color, while the chrome was handed off to James Abbott, Inc. and DGM Custom Polishing & Finishing of Philadelphia, PA. The engine, transmission, and all corresponding mechanical aspects were fully rebuilt and reconditioned by Proper Noise in Reading, PA. This extensive process left the car looking and running like the day it left the Alfa Romeo factory. It has racked up only 168 miles on the odometer since the completion of the restoration. According to the official Certificate of Origin provided by the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese, Italy, this Spider Veloce is a numbers-matching example with the original 1,300 cc four-cylinder engine still in it. It has original sand-cast Weber carburetors numbered in succession, the correct Marelli generator, a Bosch starter, and the correct badges and decals installed. The correct Marelli starter for the car was just rebuilt and will be included in the sale. Not only is this car an extremely rare example of a beautiful classic Alfa, but its age makes it eligible for The Colorado Grand, Hagerty’s California Mille, and other similar vintage sports car rallies that will allow this car to be enjoyed the way it was meant to be. Both events are extremely exclusive, with The Colorado Grand limiting attendance to sports and sports racing cars manufactured before 1960 while Hagerty’s California Mille is only open to pre-1958 vehicles. Upon purchase, the new owner will receive extensive documentation detailing the car’s restoration process, the Certificate of Origin, factory books and service manuals, as well as the original tool kit, jack, and spare. The Details EXTERIOR Body And Paint This car has undergone a thorough and comprehensive Concours grade restoration which has left the exterior of the car in outstanding condition. The body was taken down to the bare metal, any metal issues were tended to and the car was then beautifully repainted in its original red color. The paint was expertly laid down and remains in outstanding condition, with fantastic color and finish. The body is wonderfully straight and panel gaps are spot-on throughout the car. There are no perceivable cosmetic issues with this car and it would serve wonderfully on the show field. Glass And Trim The side windows appear to be original and are stamped Securit. They do contain some very light scratches which are only perceivable under direct light and close scrutinization. The front windscreen appears to be a replacement unit and has a sticker labeled KAL Laminated. The headlights are clean and tidy with no cosmetic issues, same with the tail lights. The marker lights situated below the headlights appear to be possibly original and show a bit of their age in the finish. The chrome throughout the car was all redone during the restoration and remains in fantastic condition, with perfect shine and finish. Rubber components were also all replaced and remain in perfect condition throughout. Wheels The wheels remain in factory-fresh condition, with perfectly shiny chrome plated centers, smooth painted rims, and center icons that show no issues. The correct Boranni stickers adorn each of the wheels as well. INTERIOR Seats And Surfaces Much like the exterior, the interior of this Veloce Spider was beautifully attended to during restoration. The seats are free of any issues, perfectly stuffed, and with smooth clean seating surfaces and tight stitching. The crinkle finish on top of the dash shows no issues, and the painted front is smooth and colorful. The door cards fit perfectly and the chrome trim throughout the interior is wonderfully done. The correct ribbed mats adorn the floors and the fir walls and fit well with no issues to note. Functionality And Accessories Everything on the relatively spartan interior functions as it would have the day this example left the factory. The doors open and close with ease and the windows wind up and down smoothly. All the gauges appear to read their appropriate functions as intended. The shifter moves smoothly through its range of motion. ENGINE BAY AND TRUNK Engine Bay The engine bay follows the theme of top-tier craftsmanship, with the correct finishes, clamps, and stickers adorning surfaces. Hoses, tubes, and wires are all brand new and remain in fantastic condition. Painted surfaces are smooth and bright. The finish of the block and valve covers is a delightful and clean silver color. Correct Marelli and other components adorn the engine bay throughout leaving this highly correct and ready for the show field. Trunk Area The trunk area is clean and tidy with the correct ribbed black mat adorning the floor and a proper Magneti Marelli battery tucked away on the passenger side. The painted surfaces are smooth and tidy, showing no signs of metal issues beneath. The black rubber seal around the edges of the boot lid is brand new and supple. There is also a Salchi paint decal situated on the back wall of the trunk rounding out the correct nature of the trunk area. Underside The underside of this car is beautifully finished and reflects the careful craftsmanship as well as the scant 168 miles covered since the completion of the restoration. Factory-correct finishes abound with smooth and issue-free painted surfaces throughout. All mechanical components look brand new and show no signs of any issues. Much like the rest of the car, the underside remains highly correct and in show quality condition. MECHANICALS Engine The entire engine and transmission systems were completely rebuilt by the experts at Proper Noise in Reading, PA and it shows in the strong running and driving nature of the car. It fires to life with relative ease and once up to temperature idles smooth and clean. Out on the road it makes excellent linear power with flat spots or stumbles with a glorious and raspy exhaust note emanating from the rear of the car. Transmission The transmission shifts incredibly smoothly, engaging gears with ease. The clutch takeup is spot on and holds power well throughout the rev range. Despite it only having 4 gears, it is still extremely useable, even at modern highway speeds. Brakes And Suspension The braking system feels tight and responsive, bringing the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension is smooth but compliant with no odd road noises or behavior. Truly a joy to drive! Tires The tires are period correct looking and brand new Pirelli Cinturato CA 67 on all four corners. They have but 168 miles on them and remain in excellent condition, with solid side walls and basically new tread. DRIVING EXPERIENCE Light and nimble would be the two best adjectives to describe the driving experience of these early Veloce Spiders. With a relatively spartan, but well-trimmed, interior, it puts the driving experience first and foremost. The power is ample, thanks to the lightweight nature of the car, with a beautifully raspy exhaust note. The turn-in is nimble and the road feel is fantastic. These cars are truly a joy to drive and it's one of the reasons they tend to be utilized so often on vintage rallies and tours. This particular example, being such an early model, means that is eligible for some of the more exclusive events, such as the Colorado Grand and Hagerty California Mille. Thanks to the fastidious restoration, this car would be just as at home motoring through one of these rally events as it would be on any show field in the country.


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