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Dealers Packages

SpeedHolics is devoted to providing the highest quality editorial services to classic automotive professionals, collectors and aficionados. Our focus on performance and racing cars is rare in the market, and our large (and rapidly growing) readership is serious about buying and selling extraordinary cars. We began featuring listings from the most serious dealers worldwide as a service for our followers and through our Social channels we quickly reached out to an audience of one million people each month. Our posts are seen by more than 100,000 followers, targeted strategically by geography and personal interest. Every car we feature has something unique, so we offer a direct collaboration to transform each listing into a project that is as unique as your car.

Let Us Manage The Whole Process

Contact us with your advertising project. No forms, no emails, as simple as a text chat to drive you through all the steps.

We review your expectations and the available material and respond within 2 working days with a proposal that meets your expectations.

You review and approve any content
before it is

Your listing is online on the agreed day and time. Clients will be addressed directly to you for negotiation.

Once the car is sold we retire the ad or flag it as "sold" based on your preference. Any other editorial and branded content will remain published and visible in search results.

Get in touch with one of our agents directly in the chat at the bottom right of this page. (Note: to use the live chat services, you must have accepted our cookies). If the chat does not appear, please send us an email.

Packages Reserved For Dealers 

Free For Approved Ads

You have already created high quality photos of your car and a comprehensive description. Contact us to know if your car and the provided material are a good match for our platform. In case of approval we will create the listing for you and you will get notified as soon as the post is online. This service includes:


  • 3 listings per month, upon approval

  • Up to 15 photos each listing

  • Up to 1000 words car description

  • Your contact details and company name on the listing for direct negotiation

  • Three modifications for free

  • Online until the car is sold

  • Immediate removal or extended pubblication as a "Sold car" once the deal is done

€ 600 Per Package

If you would like your cars to appear on top of other searches and to be promoted on our social media (Facebook/ Instagram) you can create a promoted listing. The package includes the ranking of your listing on top of the search results on our marketplace, extra photos and text and the option to include a video of the car. It also includes the promotion of the listing on our Social media with a dedicated boosting plan ensuring a minimum reach for your car of 100.000 targeted followers. The provides all features of the "Basic Listing" and offers the following additional benefits:

  • 5 Listings included

  • Up to to 25 high quality photos

  • Text description exceeding 1000 words

  • The option of featuring a video of the car

  • SEO optimisation of the listing 

  • Your listing in evidence on the SpeedHolics Marketplace until the car is sold

  • A boost plan on the Social media with a minimum guaranteed reach of 100.000 people on Facebook (Max 5 days promotion per car) with optimized tags and selected audience profilation by location and interests

  • PDF Report of your car. Views, comments, shares, click on links.

Tailor made

If your car deserves more than a basic listing we can review your requirements and define a package which meets your expectations..
Upon confirmation that your car is a good match and eligible for a listing project we will elaborate our tailored proposal.Our 
editors, senior editors, photographers and film makers may be needed to buid your listing E2E as well as to create bespoke photo books and documentation collection. 
Cars with a documented and interesting story are also eligible for 
the creation of branded content (articles, videostories, etc.). The package may include:  


  • High quality photo shoot

  • Editorial description of the car created by one of our senior editors

  • Video services (reel, short teaser or film story project) 

  • Customized social boosting to ensure appropriate reach of the created content  (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)